Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First time bloggin

Today is my first time bloggin. I have been inspired by two of my great friends to start. I love reading their blogs and it's a great way of sharing and keeping tract of the new things the twins are doing. Mallory just started smiling at me today...well several times. She has been talking up a storm the past month but no smiles for me. She would only smile at her Dad for the past week and finally she has been cracking them at me all day! It just warms my heart. Max on the other hand has been smiling like crazy the past 3 weeks or so. He has definitly became more vocal but I think Mal still beats him when it comes to chatting. I have been feeling creative lately and think I am going to start sewing again. I can run downstairs while the babes are napping-they are starting to set into a routine so it makes it easier to get things done. I am going to do some small projects so I feel like I accomplished something. I think I am gong to do some cards. A friend of mine made her Christmas cards by sewing a piece of fabric onto the card. It was a Christmas tree...really cute. Might start with some birthday cards. Will let you know how it goes.


Beth said...

So glad to read your first blog! Can't wait to see the babes cracking those smiles firsthand. Good luck on sewing project!

Knitterella said...

I think you will love blogging! It's a really great way to journal things - look back on what you've done and where you were. It's very inspiring too with all that is out there.

Love that you are going to sew again! The cards are a great little project too - I have some more of my 'Thread and Ink" designs that I need to get done for me shop too! - Can't wait to see what you create!