Friday, March 14, 2008


I just have to say that my life couldn't get any better!!!! M & M are doing so many new things right now. Sunday Big Shooter-that's what I'll call my husband-Beth knows why I call him that-put together the babes exersaucer. They LOVE IT! Max gets all fired up when the music comes on and by the end of the evening he figured out how to turn the music on. And Mallory is in Awe of all the new toys! Sooo cute! Then on Tuesday the 11th we started with rice cereal!!!! Talk about hysterical!!!! Mal was so excited...had a look on her face like what took you so long to figure out we needed more than that dang bottle. She Oooooh and and kicked her feet. We were cracking up! And Max just wasn't too sure of it! But the next night he was all into it!! A whole new world for them!!!!

Last night before bath time, I was laying with Max on the couch and he was on my chest, I was tickling his sides and he was laughing and squealing! It was GREAT! Both Mal and Max's smiles are so contagious!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

cozy tag blanket

Finally getting to posting my little tag blankets that I made for M&M. They were simple to do! I followed Knitterella's tutorial and it was very easy to follow. I didn't make it as big as hers but they are pretty close. The babes love them. They are just now starting to get into grabbing tags on their toys! Haven't had much time to sew these days. I think the babes are teething...Max has been a little monster...the little guy has been waking up screaming from his naps, then that triggeres Mal to wake up! I have had some interesting afternoons! But can't complain too much, they are still sleeping great at night!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


The moms over at are hosting a Blog Party and I am all about a party these days! If you have a blog, head over there and add the banner to your blog and add your blog URL to their list. You can win some great prizes just by visiting 20 blogs (click the links from the 5MinutesForMom site) and all you have to do is leave a comment. Take a peak at their prize list and you'll soon see how fun this can be! And you might stumble upon some cool new blogs you haven't seen before!!

Each Day is a Gift did a little quick get to know you on her blog for the new friends she meets and I thought it was a good little idea! I too am a mom of twins, a boy and a girl who are 5 months old. Loving every minute of it! As of right now I am stay at home mom till May. I have recently gotten into sewing and doing some crafty things in my spare time...which isn't all that much but hope to expand that in the future.

My favorite 7 prizes being given away are:

1. Rocking horse by A Rocking Horse to Love
7. A Bead Dangle Photo Tile by Element Memories
14. 12 x12 Custom Wall Canvas by JuJu Beane Boutique
20. $50 GC to Paperlicious by Paperlicious
58. Customized 6 week fitness plan by Cindy Posey, Go Workout Mom
72. Webcam provided by Liz at This Full House
78. 50 Custom photo cards for any occasion by Polka Dot Bumblebee

Others that Ilike are #'s 7, 97, 117 and 137.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ta Dah!!!

I finished the bib yesterday. It was a very simple project that took me forever to finish. I broke 3 needles trying to hand sew the velcro on! I ran out of bobbin thread so I had to refill it and then I couldn't get the bobbin back in right. I got frustrated and swore at it several times so I threw in the towel and hand sewed the damn thing! But it looks cute!! I have to polish up my skills on hand sewing the hole at the end, the one you leave so you can turn it right side out. The reverse is a green chenille. Oh, and I sewed a button on where the velcro meets after I took this picture. Mal wore it to a little birthday party last night and we got several compliments on it! I have some more of the flannel flower fabric left so I plan on making some more, just need to put that damn bobbin back in.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Good Cup of Joe!!

Why do they call it a "Cup of Joe"? I looked it up.

Possible origin lies in the birth of America's taste for coffee, which developed in the 19th century after tea was no longer available from British merchants. The phrase may have come into the American English language via a misunderstanding of the French word chaud, which means "hot" and is pronounced similarly.

Another popular theory derives out of World War I where GI Joes drank Coffee to stay up late as minute men. Coffee and GI's were so associated that many generals began to order a Cup of Joe to help identify and work with their subordinates. The phrase was implemented out of respect of soldiers and their choice of drink as it was always made to be readily available and for those in particular who were needed at a minutes notice.

I like the second one!!! I used to Love GI Joe figurines when I was younger. I grew up with only a brother and he is older so I was quite the tom boy.

My mom surprised me yesterday morning with a new Mommy Mug. On the reverse side it says " Our lives were brought together by a greater plan and I am grateful you are a special mother bringing so much love and caring to all you do . Thank you for being a part of my life!"