Monday, March 10, 2008

cozy tag blanket

Finally getting to posting my little tag blankets that I made for M&M. They were simple to do! I followed Knitterella's tutorial and it was very easy to follow. I didn't make it as big as hers but they are pretty close. The babes love them. They are just now starting to get into grabbing tags on their toys! Haven't had much time to sew these days. I think the babes are teething...Max has been a little monster...the little guy has been waking up screaming from his naps, then that triggeres Mal to wake up! I have had some interesting afternoons! But can't complain too much, they are still sleeping great at night!!


momoftwinz said...

I love the taggies! Great job!!

Knitterella said...

Oh my gosh! Your taggies are great!!!

(FYI - you liked to the wrong Knitterella. I'm Knitterellablog.blogspot - I know, I tried contacting that girl. I did pay to have a registered tradmark!)