Friday, March 14, 2008


I just have to say that my life couldn't get any better!!!! M & M are doing so many new things right now. Sunday Big Shooter-that's what I'll call my husband-Beth knows why I call him that-put together the babes exersaucer. They LOVE IT! Max gets all fired up when the music comes on and by the end of the evening he figured out how to turn the music on. And Mallory is in Awe of all the new toys! Sooo cute! Then on Tuesday the 11th we started with rice cereal!!!! Talk about hysterical!!!! Mal was so excited...had a look on her face like what took you so long to figure out we needed more than that dang bottle. She Oooooh and and kicked her feet. We were cracking up! And Max just wasn't too sure of it! But the next night he was all into it!! A whole new world for them!!!!

Last night before bath time, I was laying with Max on the couch and he was on my chest, I was tickling his sides and he was laughing and squealing! It was GREAT! Both Mal and Max's smiles are so contagious!!


momoftwinz said...

M n M are so adorable! Love the pics!

Knitterella said...

Such cute babes!