Saturday, March 1, 2008

Good Cup of Joe!!

Why do they call it a "Cup of Joe"? I looked it up.

Possible origin lies in the birth of America's taste for coffee, which developed in the 19th century after tea was no longer available from British merchants. The phrase may have come into the American English language via a misunderstanding of the French word chaud, which means "hot" and is pronounced similarly.

Another popular theory derives out of World War I where GI Joes drank Coffee to stay up late as minute men. Coffee and GI's were so associated that many generals began to order a Cup of Joe to help identify and work with their subordinates. The phrase was implemented out of respect of soldiers and their choice of drink as it was always made to be readily available and for those in particular who were needed at a minutes notice.

I like the second one!!! I used to Love GI Joe figurines when I was younger. I grew up with only a brother and he is older so I was quite the tom boy.

My mom surprised me yesterday morning with a new Mommy Mug. On the reverse side it says " Our lives were brought together by a greater plan and I am grateful you are a special mother bringing so much love and caring to all you do . Thank you for being a part of my life!"


momoftwinz said...

Wow...6:55 a.m. You are on the ball this morning. What a cute mug..I want one now! Thanks for the insight on the Cup of Joe!

Anonymous said...

Love the bib!

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