Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ta Dah!!!

I finished the bib yesterday. It was a very simple project that took me forever to finish. I broke 3 needles trying to hand sew the velcro on! I ran out of bobbin thread so I had to refill it and then I couldn't get the bobbin back in right. I got frustrated and swore at it several times so I threw in the towel and hand sewed the damn thing! But it looks cute!! I have to polish up my skills on hand sewing the hole at the end, the one you leave so you can turn it right side out. The reverse is a green chenille. Oh, and I sewed a button on where the velcro meets after I took this picture. Mal wore it to a little birthday party last night and we got several compliments on it! I have some more of the flannel flower fabric left so I plan on making some more, just need to put that damn bobbin back in.


Knitterella said...

YEY! So cute! I love that you used a fuzzy back too. The chenille is perfect!

I can see why you got compliments, it's adorable!

momoftwinz said...

Super cute!! I can't wait to see more...and a picture of the other side?? Love it!

Kysha said...

Oh, she is too cute! Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!