Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kroger...a first.

Thursday Mallory and I had few errands to run. She had a hearing test...all is okay-she never received one when she was born due to her being air lifted to U of M and they never did one down there. I had no doubts she could hear but wanted to make sure! She needs a repeat exam in 6 months due to her being in ICU for two weeks...all the beaps and noises could be harmful. Then we drove through the coffee shop and then on to Kroger. Mals first time!! I didn't feel safe putting her car seat on the front of the cart, anyone could bump her and she could fly off. So I put her in the main part. Her eyes were so big..she was cracking me up! Her head kept going from side to side checking everything out! Only had to grab a few things so we weren't long. I think she loves grocery shopping...or any shopping for that matter. That's my girl!!!!

Last week we took the babes to get their pictures taken and today we go to review and order. I can't wait. Thanks to my girlfriend Jill who knitted the babes some ADORABLE hats to wear! They are posted on her blog! I need to take some pictures with them wearing them and will post!


momoftwinz said...

Sounds like a fun trip! I can't wait till we can take our girls shoppin' together!

Knitterella said...

I can just see Mallory with her big eyes cheakin' things out - she's such a cutie!

So glad the hearing test went well!

Can't wait to see those baby pics!

momoftwinz said...

Would you publish a new post already?? I am missing your blogging company.'s not like you have twin infants keeping you busy or anything!

Knitterella said...

Yeah, we're waiting!