Saturday, September 6, 2008

Family vacation to Hayward

Boy, have I been delinquent! I got yelled at by Each Day is a Gift that I need to get moving on updating my blog. I am embarrassed at how long it has been. Anyway, here is a picture of Mallory on our family vacation back to Hayward to visit the in-laws. She had a blast playing in the water! Her favorite part was to eat the sand...yuck! I think she thought it was rather tastey. Max had a rough day in the water. I think it was because he took a face dive as soon as he sat in the water. It ruined his whole day! Here is a cute picture of the big boy! They aren't walking yet but are walking around furniture and behind a walker. They are hilarious! And Mal is standing up by herself and boy, is she proud! And Max loves to push her down....pretty funny! They are both saying MaMa, DaDa, Ba (for ball), BaBa. And LOTS of jibberish. I am having so much fun right now watching them interact and play together. They giggle and chase eachother all over the house. Growing up so fast!!


momoftwinz said...

Holy crap...a new blog! Now you are not at the bottom of my updated list anymore!! Love the water pics! Max sure loves glasses doesn't he?? Can't wait to see them at their b-day party!

And along comes three... said...

So glad to hear how they are growing! They will be walking in no time...don't rush it...cause then you'll be chasing after the two of them!