Sunday, December 7, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Bundled the babes up and out we went! The two love to be outdoors. Mal wants to be up and walking around-althought she often tips over in her marshmallow suit, and Max just wants to sit there, put snow on his gloves and eat it.

A little update on what is new with them:

Mallory loves her beads (necklace). Every morning she gets up she goes right to her basket that has all her necklaces and bracelets in it and puts them all on.

She is saying a few words, up, momma, dada, ball, nana (banana). Loves to dance especially to Five Silly Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. She will say woof woof for dog and bawk for chicken.

The girl wanders all over the house. We will find her curled up in a ball in her closet on a shelf. She is very independent and the leader of the two. Really into her daddy right now.

Max lOVES books. Especially ones with Dogs in it. Will go through the entire book shelf till he finds his favorite book.

I think his favorite food right now is bananas. He says a few words as well: nana for banana, woof woof for dog, mumma, dad, I think he calls Mallory mom. There is a difference when he calls me vrs Mallory. If you ask him where Mallory is, he will say Mom and go find her. Says up, bawk bawk for chicken, Mawk for milk. Shakes his head for NO.

Max is still a momma's boy. He is very sensitive. A little cuddle bug with me.

They both love to sit on your lap and read books. Both love to give kisses and wrestle around on the floor with Daddy.


momoftwinz said...

Whoa...I'm blown away with another blog post!! I love the updates!

Knitterella said...

Awww, Love the hats!

And along comes three... said...

M & M are sooo darn cute in their winter attire! We are jealous of the'll be 72 degrees here tomorrow...which sounds good in theory but doesn't feel very Christmasy!