Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cheeks and chins!!

Mallory is all Cheeks and thighs these days. I love the chubbiness! She is really developing a personality! She is so laid back and content. Max is such a busy boy! He is on the go constantanly and such a ham!
I haven't been doing ANY crafting the past month and a half...We had some basement issues and my craft room is tore apart right now. Plus I really don't have much free time on my hands. Next week I start my externship at the hospital. 3 days a week, I think I will probably cry my eyes out the first day. I will be working 12 hour shifts 7am to 7pm. So will go to work while the babies are sleeping and get home when they are sleeping! Going to be rough!
About 4 weeks ago I start working out again. Getting that last bit of baby weight off. I go to and am participating in the Body Challenge. It combines body pump, aerobic kickboxing, flexibility and a sound nutritional program (the zone diet) to get you in the best shape of your life. It is an 8 week long course and so far I have lost a total of 7.5 lbs, 6 inches off my waist and 5 inches off my hips. I feel great!! My goal is to lose 6 more pounds. I know I can do it!!!!


Knitterella said...

Sweet cheeks and cute hat! ; )

momoftwinz said...

She is such a big girl already...look at her sit up!