Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ut Oh Mommy....

This morning Max took my glasses off my face and snapped them in two....LITTLE STINKER! I often think I have a little Hulk Hogan on my hands. He is so darn strong! I couldn't be mad at him the look on his face when it happened was so darn cute!! But I tell you, he sure is a little monster these days! SO busy!
Some new things they are doing:
  • Still army crawling it all over the floor. Sure is rocking on all fours!
  • He pulled himself up to the exersaucer a couple days ago, the fist time her attempted it he fell but he second time he made it all the way up! Amazing!
  • He says: Mom Mom Mom Mom. I LOVE IT!


  • GOT TWO TEETH!!! On the bottom.
  • Rolls all over the place
  • Chatter box
  • Gets up at 5am these days....UGH...Need to work on that.
  • Dances...a little. When you play music she will rock forward and backward while sitting and just grin from ear to ear!

I started work this past week at the hospital. Was a very rough week leaving the babes. I missed them so much. I am really enjoying getting back into the nursing field. Two days a week I work the plastic surgery unit! My first day on that unit is Thursday, very fired up about that! Another good thing about that unit, my schedule is 5:30am-5:30pm. I will be able to give the babes baths and put them to bed. Otherwise my schedule is 7am-7pm. Don't get to see them at all. Breaks my heart!


momoftwinz said...

This is too funny.... I love the pic!

And along comes three... said...

Going back to work is so hard...but I'm glad you're doing it...I'm sure you'll find it very rewarding!