Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How sweet it is...

After taking a bath the other night, Mal crashed and Max was just hanging out. Sweet little ones! They just love bath time! I have enjoyed the time as well...they are so funny kicking their legs and splashing their faces!

It's so cute when I go into the babes room in the morning. I say good morning to Max and his head pops up like a little turtle and he just starts squirming. It's hilarious!!!! He has such a huge smile on his face!!! Mal is totally different, she just talks and talks and talks and once I flip her over it takes her about 5 minutes to open up her eyes then she flashes me a cute little smile!!!!

I went to JoAnns yesterday and picked up some really cute fabric. I am on to making some bibs! Got a pattern from Wish me luck!


momoftwinz said...

SO glad to see a pic of the babes! How cute...I remember those days!
Good luck on your bibs...can't wait to see them!

Knitterella said...

There are the sweet lil' babes! Gosh they have changed so much since I've seen them last.

Good luck on your bibs! I know they'll be great!

Milk Mama said...

I couldn't find your Ultimate Blog Party post, but I decided to post here because that pic of your kids is adorable! Gorgeous! :)