Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mommy's little helper!

Had fun taking pictures of Max in the laundry basket...fresh out of the dryer, nice and warm!!!! Mallory was passed out on the floor, just like a little princess, trying to get out of the work.
Almost done making my first bib-it shouldn't have taken me this long but the babes haven't been on the same nap schedule and we went out and about a couple times this week. Much needed. I am so tired of winter...I can't wait for spring to get here. I was reading in the farmers almanac (not sure why I was reading it) but it said that we are going to have a COLD spring and a scortching summer!!! Bums me out as spring is one of my favorite seasons!

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momoftwinz said...

The Farmers Almanac???? Um...I don't even know where/how to read that!