Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Yesterday the babes got their 4 mo shots. They did very well...was afraid they would wake up in the middle of the night but they were sawing logs! Both babes are stuffed up a bit, doc says it isn't a cold, they are just drooling so much and it drains to the back of their throat and they don't know to swallow all the time! Poor little tikes. Doc said that the new recommendation from Pediatricians is to wait to feed them cereal till 6 months. It decreases food allergies and they really don't need another source of food besides formula till then. Hmmmmm we aren't sure about...we decided to go half way, we'll start at 5 months. Any thoughts? Max weighs almost 16 pounds and Mal is 14...so petite...with those CHUBBY cheeks! They are in the 50th percentile for height and weight right now. Pretty darn good for being 4 weeks early.

I went to this baby boutique in town yesterday...HUGE sales but their sales are like normal priced items anywhere else you go. But they have some adorable stuff. Some of the little dresses there inspired me to sew. I REALLY want to get into more crafty time. I could do it after the babes go to bed (9pm) but man, I need my sleep. Still my first project are those taggie blankets...Damn it, tonight I am going to do one!!! My mom is coming over and I am going to hide in the basement and not come up till one is done. It may look like shit but I will finish it.

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